Winter Readying Your Garden

Winter can be a depressing time of year for the gardeners and outdoor lovers out there, as they have to effectively shut everything down before the frosts can claim the lives of their crops. But that doesn’t mean simply abandoning your garden and letting the gloom creep in – there is readying to do be done to make sure that when spring comes everything has a fighting chance at survival!

Clear Up

Making sure everything in your garden is in a good state, is vital to avoid damage to structures and beddings over the winter. Clear out any masses of fallen leaves to ensure they don’t clog up your drains or create slippery sludge on walkways. Ensure that decking and thatched garden gazebos are sturdy and free of cracks or splits that could worsen when temperatures hit zero. For an extra layer of protection, we recommend waterproofing all wood, to prevent weathering in the period of high precipitation.


Cover Up

If you’re a cultivator and aren’t planting anything to over-winter, cover up the ground, empty veg patches and flower beds. This will stop too much water permeating, reduce nutrient loss and keep the ground warm and help to keep the weeds down come the spring. Using fabric or cardboard cover your thatched garden gazebo, seating areas and thatched garden summerhouses so they don’t get too wet and make sure to bring any cushions or seat covers inside for the winter.

Take Care of Wildlife

Remember over winter that many animals will still need to feed and having them around your garden can be good for pest control. If you’re covering up the ground, creating a pile of leaves and twigs in a corner is a good way to encourage hedgehogs that will eat pesky slugs and snails. If you have one, make sure your thatched garden gazebo is secure to prevent wildlife choosing it as a bed over winter, as although you want to encourage them, the last thing you need is a full-scale clean-up in the spring!



  • Our expectations have been exceeded from customer service through to installation, a sterling job, many thanks.

    • Mr & Mrs McCreedie
    • London
  • Splendid Garden Building

    Hello Martin, Thank you for such a splendid garden building, the attention to detail is of the finest.

    • Mr Linton
    • Dorset
  • Excellent in every way, thank you!

    • Mrs Fishbourne
    • Kent
  • Fantastic building! Fantastic company! Fantastic people!

    • Peter
    • Hertfordshire
  • First class job – a real pleasure doing business with you Martin, many thanks.

    • Mr Hepworth
    • Wiltshire
  • Dear Martin, thank you for our beautiful Spindle House, it is absolutely fantastic, lovely job – very pleased indeed – hope you have a safe journey back.

    • Geoff
    • Surrey
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