Prepare Your Thatched Gazebo for Autumn

Although we’re not quite ready to wish summer away, there’s no better time to start preparing for the approaching seasons than in the warm dry conditions of summer. Even though the weather is set to get cooler and possibly wetter, this doesn’t mean you have to retire your gazebo until spring, simply follow our steps to make use of you thatched gazebo throughout the chillier seasons!

Tidy Up

Summer brings with it a bloom in wildlife and as great as critters and birds may be for the garden, they’re not so easy on thatched gazebos. Weather its birds mess on the roof, insect sap on the seats or spiders between the spindles, it’s a good idea to try and clean your gazebo before winter, to prevent debris build up. Simply hose it down and wipe with a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush for more resilient stains. Try and pick a cool dry day as excess moisture can lead to mildew so you must allow it time to thoroughly dry.


Once you’ve given your thatched gazebo a good clean, it’s a good idea to protect it against the bugs and elements of Autumn. Start by treating your wood with a sealant or waterproofing agent which will help prevent both moulds and cracks forming during freezing periods. If your wood has dried and faded over the summer, use a wood dye in a similar colour to your gazebo to revitalise the wood, before applying any sort of sealant.


What you need from your thatched gazebo will differ from season to season and to make the most of it in Autumn you’ll likely need to embellish it with a few things. It’s a good idea to add some light so that your gazebo can still host you and your loved ones as the nights draw in. Side panels and waterproof seat covers are also a good investment, so you don’t have to worry about sitting on a soggy seat or rain blowing inside, keeping you dry as you enjoy the dwindling hours.

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