5 Post-Gardening Season Tips

While we still get an occasional burst of British heat, the gardening season is sadly coming to a close and it’s time to start readying your garden for the cold. Whether this is preparing for the next planting season, caring for summer furniture and tools or the addition of one our luxury thatched roof gazebos, now is the time to set things in motion.

Prepare Your Soil for Spring

Autumn is a perfect time to dig in soil supplements like manure, compost, bone meal and kelp. Adding these nutrients a few months before planting season can give them enough time to break down and enrich your soil.

Pack Away Summer Furniture

The summer comes with barbecues, garden parties and sunbathing sessions, which means you will likely have some seasonal furniture. Whether it’s moving them to a shed or garage or ensuring they have an extra layer of protective covering, you want to ensure the winter frosts or rain won’t damage the wood or metal.

Create an Outdoor Hub

Just because the cold months are closing in, doesn’t mean you will have to stop enjoying time in the garden. Our luxury thatched roof gazebos make a perfect addition for lounging, any time of year. With our selection of optional extras such as pendant heaters and military standard canvas side panels, you can enjoy a morning coffee, or evening lounge, outside!

Care for Your Tools

When the gardening season is in full swing, it can seem difficult to find the time to care for your tools. Wash them of dirt and debris and dirt, sand or brush of any rust and sharpen your hoes and shovels with a file. To add the final touch of care, rub their exteriors with an oiled rag coated in light machine oil, to help them stave off corrosion and extend their lifespan.

Replenish Mulch

Mulching your garden in the winter has a wealth of benefits including; protecting your soil from winter weeds and erosion and helping you avoid water loss. Adding a thick layer of mulch is also perfect for regulating soil temperature and easing the transition into the cold and sometimes icy months.

To find out more about our selection of luxury thatched roof gazebos and how they can add a touch or opulence to your garden this winter click here or contact our friendly team.

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