Make the Most of Your Gazebo in Autumn and Winter

While we don’t suggest sitting outside every day in the cold, there’s no reason you have to fully retire your gazebo in winter!

We offer a range of stylish hanging infrared pendant heaters. They’re completely silent and odourless, offering optimally directional heat to create a sun-like warming effect. Combined with canvas side panels with large windows that are perfect for keeping the bad weather out, you can create a warm and cosy shelter to watch the rain patter or the snow fall with a warm mug and a fluffy blanket.

Spruce up your surrounding garden with some evergreens to alleviate the bare look of your winter garden. That doesn’t mean planting a forest of Christmas trees! There are plenty of beautiful plants that will compliment your garden outside of the Christmas season too.

For example, there are shrubs like English lavender, Mexican orange blossom, and Daphne Eternal Fragrance that are all suited for outdoor English weather. There is also a beautiful range of ferns and grasses like the common wood fern or Japanese sedge ‘Evergold’. Or choose an evergreen flowering perennial like Daylily, Sweet Violet or Geraniums. All of which will live happily through our chilliest season.

Enjoy the darker evenings by getting some atmospheric garden lighting. There are both permanent and temporary options but whether you opt for long term light features such as our mounted inner-gazebo lighting options or fairy lights you can enjoy your garden from a new perspective and bring warmth to the grey evenings.

Autumn and winter can be just as beneficial a time to get your thatched gazebo installed. With a range of optional accessories and furniture you can make you gazebo and year-round as you would like. Take a look at our gazebos or get in contact with us for more information.

3 metre gazebo in open garden next to a road

3 Metre Spindle House

  • Our expectations have been exceeded from customer service through to installation, a sterling job, many thanks.

    • Mr & Mrs McCreedie
    • London
  • Splendid Garden Building

    Hello Martin, Thank you for such a splendid garden building, the attention to detail is of the finest.

    • Mr Linton
    • Dorset
  • Excellent in every way, thank you!

    • Mrs Fishbourne
    • Kent
  • Fantastic building! Fantastic company! Fantastic people!

    • Peter
    • Hertfordshire
  • First class job – a real pleasure doing business with you Martin, many thanks.

    • Mr Hepworth
    • Wiltshire
  • Dear Martin, thank you for our beautiful Spindle House, it is absolutely fantastic, lovely job – very pleased indeed – hope you have a safe journey back.

    • Geoff
    • Surrey
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